Where it all began

Friday 13th May 2022

From a young age, I was surrounded by those who worked in education. People who worked as teachers, headteachers, deputy heads, teaching assistants, governors, etc…  I was always fascinated by their enthusiasm and dedication to education. They were so passionate about helping young people succeed and do their best in life.

The reason I was surrounded by people who worked in education was because my mum was a teacher and worked her way up to becoming a headteacher. 

My mum was rated as an outstanding headteacher, not just by Ofsted standards, but more importantly by the children and staff she worked with. She truly cared about every child and adult she worked with and they knew it. 

I suppose it was inevitable I would end up in education. We often follow in our families footsteps.

As an adult, I started to work with children in different types of roles such as an Acorns Hospice Art mentor, Teaching Assistant in a secondary school and eventually a teacher in schools. In 2021, I also became a tutor.

I have had the privilege of working in many schools and I suppose I have always compared every school to my mum’s. There are many lovely schools but none have lived up to my mum’s. It was unique.

Today is her birthday and my first post on my website is dedicated to her.

I am incredibly grateful to my mum for passing on her love of education to me. It is an absolute privilege to work with children and help them reach their potential. 

My mum continues to work in education and is often sought out for her advice and expertise. 

Everyone needs a cheerleader in life and she has always been mine. 

Happy Birthday mum!